The role of courage

Women Advisors

The role of courage

How courage empowers women financial advisors.

Excerpt from Investment News special supplement published November 2014.

Kay Feagles, Partner, Raymond James Financial Services of Belden Villages, explained that every woman who takes on a nontraditional role, such as financial advisor, demonstrates courage every day. She quoted Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who wrote that she felt a “special responsibility” to show the naysayers in her life that she could accomplish great things. Feagles went on to say that every day, courage empowers us all to:

  • Select a different path than most of your friends and classmates.
  • Fail and fail often.
  • Pick up that phone.
  • Meet with a difficult client.
  • Be active in the community and make it a better place.

“This courage,” Feagles said, “makes you a more effective leader and a more visible example for others, especially young women.” 

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