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There are reasons why accounts are transferred to Investment Central.

  1. It could be that you have moved or updated your address to a state where your former advisor is not licensed and therefore unable to legally serve you.
  2. Your former advisor may no longer be associated with Raymond James.
  3. Your former advisor may be retired or exploring options with a new brokerage firm.
  4. In general, your financial advisor has determined that transferring your account(s) to Investment Central, the home office branch, is the best way for Raymond James to continue to adequately serve you.

There are various reasons that can cause the termination of a relationship.

  1. Inability to reach or communicate with you. Effective communication channels between our clients and our department is paramount. If we do not have the proper means to communicate with or contact you as a client, we cannot continue to service your account. If you prefer not to be engaged with our department, we highly recommend you explore other brokerage houses rather than a full-service brokerage firm such as Raymond James.
  2. Here at Investment Central, there is a minimum relationship value of $5,000 that needs to be maintained in order to keep accounts open.
  3. The most common reason is we have inadequate or incomplete account forms necessary to continue servicing your account.

Once your account is transferred to the home office, any prearranged commission discount and/or fee absorption schedule with your former advisor is null and void as you no longer have the relationship with that particular advisor. View the standard client account fees and charges or our commission schedule for more information.

As an Investment Central client, you are responsible for your own accounts and account activity. Many clients enjoy and are confident doing research, monitoring their investments’ performance and staying current on the markets. However, if you’re not one of those people and feel you may lack the resources, know-how or the time to manage your investments, we still have you covered. Ask to speak to one of our associates to leverage support from our team for managed portfolios.


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