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I don’t think most investors care whether or not they beat the Dow.
They care whether or not they can protect what they’ve built.

What’s most important to you

is my highest priority

Most people don’t begin planning for the future of their finances with a specific stock or investment strategy in mind. Instead, they’re picturing the coastline they’ve always wanted to retire to or the granddaughter whose future they want to secure. It’s these unique elements – the people, the places and the potential – that drive my clients. So it’s these elements that guide every step of my process and each recommendation I make.

While a solid understanding of the mechanics is essential, I believe the most important aspect of investing is knowing the people behind the portfolios. Before I can build a portfolio, I have to build a relationship.

As we work together, your goals become my own. It’s a personal process – one that changes along with your life and can extend through the generations of your family. I’m fortunate to have been trusted with peoples’ pasts, presents and futures, and I commit myself to providing sensible wealth management and investment guidance that lives up to the faith they place in me.