For two generations, FLP has provided advisory services specifically created for those who enjoy the pleasures — and manage the challenges — of financial success. This focus allows our firm to help deliver real benefit to those who lead demanding lives: Our definitive advisory style provides you with clarity, responsiveness and insight. Our team approach gives you immediate access to intellectual strength and a strong breadth of experience.

We are strong advocates for your success, because we take our obligations seriously. At FLP, we understand not just the markets, not just the intricacies of investment vehicles, but something every bit as valuable: We understand the power and the meaning that underlie your goals.

Your life has momentum. So do the markets. That’s why FLP forms a cohesive team to help manage dynamic complexities and provide clear vision. Then we give you immediate access to this knowledge. Accomplished in their fields and experienced in the nuanced challenges of wealth management, our team works together on your behalf. Their sole focus: to help you thrive.

At FLP, both business philosophy and methodology work to the advantage of those who manage substantial assets. By developing and conveying an informed view of the investment world, we can act as your personal advocate in an environment of constant change. By employing proven methods that foster teamwork and trust, we can honor your interests and keep information flowing – wherever you are.

Perceptive management of assets compels insightful counsel. At FLP, you get full attention from a team that’s established, proficient and strategic. We work closely with your other consultants too – further strengthening a team that addresses many aspects of your needs. FLP helps you flourish by precisely linking your personal goals with our team’s level of experience.

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