Raymond James financial advisors, Huffman Wealth Advisory, Naples, FL, 34109

We’re not only good with numbers, we’re good with people

We have more than 35 years of combined experience in providing well-reasoned financial guidance to our clients. Having been through many economic environments, we have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to carefully navigate the ebb and flow of the markets. It’s what enables us today to structure portfolios that help our clients weather bear markets. With a careful eye on the future, we stay on top of the news and are extremely knowledgeable about current market events.

Our experience is complemented by our passion for serving our clients. We care deeply for their financial well-being and cultivate deep, personal relationships. We cherish the good rapport we have with our clients – for example, they frequently call us for help with decisions that may not necessarily involve their portfolios, but we are always happy to offer our advice.

There is one more important part of our team. By being part of Raymond James, one of America’s leading independent financial firms, we have access to their award-winning equity research, expert market commentary and asset management services. It helps enable us to make informed financial decisions on behalf of our clients.