Addressing and anticipating the
unique needs of wealth.

We are dedicated to serving affluent families, entrepreneurs and sports professionals by helping manage and resolve issues that relate to their wealth. We understand the many tasks required to manage the intergenerational wealth of families in a coordinated and efficient manner. By offering a versatile range of strategies and services, we are all positioned to help meet our clients’ needs – today, and for the future.

  • Investment strategies and services – customized to the individual needs and goals of each family member and the family as a whole.
  • Philanthropic guidance and charitable administration – managing assets, meeting agendas, recording minutes and decisions, and implementing trustee decisions.
  • Estate counseling – working in conjunction with family accountants and lawyers to create wealth scenarios and financial planning to estimate financial outcomes according to differing investment designs.
  • Creative solutions to specific investment issues – examples include assistance in selling or acquiring businesses, monetization strategies to diversify low-basis securities, programs to address excess industries weightings, and equity research efforts to analyze private companies where clients have commitments.
  • Family governance – including family mission statements that define how global family decisions are made in order to preserve the family’s wealth efficiently and effectively, in accordance with the family’s values.
  • Alternative investment strategies – such as resource partnerships, timber investments, venture capital, private equity and hedge funds.
  • Special needs – examples include insurance management and legacy education.
  • Family office – a center of service to assist families with stewarding their wealth and heritage. The family office aggregates and integrates resources to facilitate asset preservation, cost control, financial education, family philanthropy and other shared needs.

Alternative investments involve substantial risks that may be greater than those associated with traditional investments and may be offered only to clients who meet specific suitability requirements, including minimum net worth tests. These risks include but are not limited to: limited or no liquidity, tax considerations, incentive fee structures, speculative investment strategies, and different regulatory and reporting requirements. There is no assurance that any investment will meet its investment objectives or that substantial losses will be avoided.