We are wealth managers

We have developed a thorough process combining elements from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards along with other consulting philosophies.

We view wealth management as a formula – Wealth Management (WM) = Investment Consulting (IC) + Advance Planning (AP) + Relationship Management (RM), or:
WM = IC + AP + RM

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Our initial process is designed to take place over three meetings with ongoing meetings once we have established a business relationship.

First, we have a Discovery Meeting. This is a deep, values-based discussion so that we can learn more about you. We look at where you are today, your goals for the future and search for gaps where we can make a significant impact. This process will take from one to two hours depending on your situation.

Next is the Investment Plan Meeting. We will use what we learned during Discovery to build a client profile and recommend a roadmap designed to move you toward your goals. At this meeting, we will tell you one of three things:

a. “We have uncovered gaps in your plan where we can make a significant impact. This is how we can help you.”
b. “You need assistance to address key issues, but you will be better suited by working with another professional. Here is who we believe can help you.”
c. “You currently don’t need a thing. You are fine where you are.”

Ultimately we have a Mutual Commitment Meeting. At this third meeting, if it occurs, we each sign the client agreement, and we will thoroughly describe what happens next and define each of our responsibilities.

It doesn’t end there however. Once the plan is in place, we implement it, coordinating that process with you, and, when appropriate, your other professional advisors, such as your accountant or attorney. We will also meet with our own Expert Team to create an Advanced Plan to address Wealth Enhancement, Wealth Transfer, Wealth Protection and Charitable giving if appropriate.

From there, we will hold a 45-Day Follow Up Meeting where we will help you organize your paperwork and address any questions you may have. At this meeting we will provide you with your Advanced Plan.

Our plans are monitored and progress toward your goals is reported to you. We will make adjustments as needed during our Regular Progress Meetings.

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