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    Retirement isn’t the end – it’s a whole new start. Plan life accordingly with these ideas for Planning Well, Investing Well and Living Well.

Market Updates

2015 may look a lot like 2014

Despite a bumpy start to 2015 for the stock market, this bull market has years left to run ...  READ


Four tips for protecting your identity against cybercrime

With more than 9.9 million people every year becoming a victim of identity theft, review these tips and be mindful of your online activity ...  LISTEN

Fixed Income

Fixed income market commentary

The Treasury market is trading slightly higher this morning as investors await the FOMC and its Rate Decision ...  READ

Investment Strategy

Random thoughts on a cruise to nowhere

We have lost our way as a people and a country when we ignore and/or fail to see the significance of history ...  READ


The road back, and ahead

The U.S. economy data are likely to be mixed in the near term, but there is little doubt that we are gathering steam. ...  READ


Deflation, low inflation, and monetary policy

Central bank policymakers fear deflation more than anything. However, there is good deflation and there is bad deflation ...  READ

Investment Strategy

Rocky Horror Picture Show

“Rocky Horror Picture Show” was a satirical film production done as a tribute to the science and horror “B” movies of the late 1930s through ...  READ

Fixed Income

Are you a mature investor or still seeking growth?

‘Know what you own’, an important practice and a message broadcast to help an investor weather financial storms and optimize efficiency in achieving ...  READ

Fixed Income

Bond market commentary

Doug Drabik and Benjamin Streed look at the fixed income market and opportunities for investors ...  READ


Eight ways to broaden your flock of friends

Positive social interaction is essential to a healthy and fulfilling retirement ...  READ

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