Having a customized financial plan tailored to your unique set of circumstances can help ensure that we have established a clear course of action to help pursue and achieve your financial goals.

Our thorough process for creating this all-important plan gives us a system to fully address your needs and identify the most relevant strategies for moving forward. The steps we take involve collaboration between you, our team and other professional advisors, such as your accountant and lawyer, when necessary.

We begin by getting to know you – to ensure we have a clear understanding of your goals, financial situation, investment experience and risk tolerance. We identify your financial concerns and what you want out of the advisor relationship. We give you an overview of our team and explain the experience and capabilities we bring to the table. Once we mutually determine there is a good fit for a long-term advisory relationship, we collect the necessary data from you.
After we review your data, we present our findings regarding issues involving estate planning, portfolio management, insurance coverages, education funding, retirement income management, recommendations for asset allocation and lifelong planning. Once we have a good understanding of what you want to achieve, we put our expertise to work to build a comprehensive plan tailored specifically to your financial situation. We’ll present our plan to you, answer your questions, make any necessary adjustments and then outline the actions we need to take to implement your plan.

When the plan meets with your approval and comfort level, we begin implementing our strategy by making investments on your behalf, opening and transferring accounts, and reviewing key issues by using the extensive resources available to us through Raymond James.
Once your plan has been implemented, we continually monitor its performance. We meet periodically to review your portfolio, asset allocation, goal progress and cash flow needs. We factor in any changes in your life and ensure that your plan remains true to your needs and objectives over time, suggesting and making appropriate adjustments as necessary.

Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss.