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Step 3: Invest-StremeTM Asset Allocation Strategy for Income and Growth

Manage Total Return: Your goal is to combine the income and growth components of your whole portfolio to provide the opportunity for your total return to exceed your income withdrawal rate to help keep up with inflation. Remember that Investing involves risk and you may lose your principal. There is no assurance any strategy will be successful.

The core rule of our proprietary strategy is "Control what you you can manage what you cannot." This is the essence of liability driven investing. We have focused on the investment mathematics of distributing Retirement-Income from investment portfolios for 30+ years; while most of our industry has focused primarily on the accumulation of savings. This focus on Retirement-Income allowed us to develop and begin deploying the Invest-StremeTM Asset Allocation Strategy in 1984.

Control Income: We use our proprietary strategy to build out a rolling three to nine year forward stream of annually maturing income sums, using staggered fixed income investments.

This helps you avoid selling good investments at a bad time, either because you need income or canít stand market volatility. The strategy calls for refreshing your annual income stream for rolling forward time periods with a built in process for harvesting gains; helping you avoid one of the serious errors that unsuccessful investors often make; failing to take profits.

You will periodically extend and renew your annually maturing income sums factoring in the need for annual increases to help preserve your buying power.

Strategy to help control income
using staggered fixed income investments.

This is a hypothetical illustration of a 5 year fixed income strategy and is not intended to reflect the actual performance of any particular security. The dollar figures represented are for illustrative purposes only.

Manage Growth: Good investments often fluctuate in value. The controlled yearly income piece of our strategy helps you avoid the reactionary moves that many unsuccessful investors make.

Importantly, since you donít have to take annual income liquidation withdrawals from your fluctuating growth investments you may more effectively manage the impact of near term ups and downs of the investment markets.

Your growth investments can be given more time to navigate economic and investment cycles, allowing you to be more comfortable with volatility and potentially increase the likelihood of favorable long term results.


Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit nor protect against a loss.

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