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Summer Tidings 2017

The sun is out and summer is almost here and the rain has finally subsided. We hope you enjoy time with family and friends doing activities that bring you joy and satisfaction.

Summer is the season of letting go. Routines and obligations that dog us through the year are temporarily relieved. We hope you lean back into the arms of these precious months and allow yourself to bask if not in sun, then in lower stress and fun pursuits.

All the best!
Kamal and Tracy

Money Mindfulness

What is Money Mindfulness anyway?

Our very survival depends on mastering the flow of money in our lives. And yet, for so many of us it is a subject fraught with anxiety, fear and even loathing. How do we learn to view money from a new and more peaceful perspective?

Our relationship with, and patterns around money are best examined from a new world view. Not as a series of misguided behaviours or screwed up mental processes but as a window into our soul journey. Just putting ourselves on another budget or doing 300 affirmations a day is not going to achieve a long term resolution. By melding relevant and personally meaningful spiritual disciplines, philosophies as well as economic principles we can develop a personal theology of money, explore mindfulness practices and create new strategies for self-management. In aligning our heart and soul we can create not just a healthier and better flow of money but a pathway to financial wellness and peace of mind.

Through a series of techniques such as setting up group discussion, journaling, meditation, self-hypnosis, mindfulness practice, and self-reflection exercises we can aim to:

  1. Use mindfulness to change our money patterns.
  2. Look at our money story from a spiritual perspective.
  3. Increase the flow of wealth (monetary as well as other energetic currencies) into our life in ways that support us on our journey.
  4. Meld solid financial planning principles and economic knowledge with spiritual practice.
  5. Learn new ways of accessing and using our gifts and resources to achieve our financial goals and life dreams.

When we practice silence in stillness in this manner, we come to ourselves creating calm in our mind and our heart.

A four-day Money Mindfulness workshop will be given by Tracy in August 2017 at the Hollyhock Retreat Centre on Cortes Island. What better way to look at our shadowed financial stories than to be facing the Pacific, windows open to the sound of the ocean, with sunshine streaming through the huge windows surrounding our workspace? The still beauty of Hollyhock’s natural landscape is a poignant contrast to the turmoil we often feel when uncovering our deepest money blocks. 

Mindfulness at all levels is easiest when we begin practicing in a setting conducive to slowing down and initiating change.

Join us on a soulful, dynamic and life changing adventure at Hollyhock this summer where we co-journey into a new financial state of wholeness. We’d love to see you there!

For more information or to register go to Money Mindfulness 2017 Aug 23-27at Hollyhock

Women of Distinction Awards 2017

The Nominees for Business & the Professions 2017

Recognized nationally, the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards honours extraordinary women leaders, while raising much-needed funds for YWCA programs and services that improve the lives of thousands of people each year across Metro Vancouver. The awards also honour businesses and organizations that support the wellness and diverse needs of their employees. The annual gala event was held on May 29, 2017 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. 

Tracy Theemes was nominated in the Business & the Professions category this year for her continual work in promoting financial literacy and offering pro bono advice and educational workshops to women and families. Her continued advocacy for gender equality in financial decision making and mentorship of advisors and emerging leaders in the community was also recognized. Congratulations to Anne Stewart the award recipient this year for her success as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer and her ongoing work in championing women leaders and mentoring fellow lawyers in her field.

Maximizing your CPP Benefits

Deciding when and how to start drawing Canada Pension Plan benefits involves a number of factors specific to each investor’s personal situation. With your financial advisor you will address your overall income streams, work status and general circumstances to decide if delaying benefits or drawing your pension now is most suitable. There are many factors to weigh that are unique to each individual. Evaluating a number of these factors can help you maximize your income throughout your retirement.

To read more click here.


Our job as financial advisors is to help you match your financial behaviour and investment strategies to the achievement of your life goals. Essentially, we see ourselves as “doulas” for increasing your peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to call if you need help with making a financial decision or to review your current strategy. We are here to help.

Happy Summer!

Kamal and Tracy

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