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Summer Tidings

Hopefully by the time you read this you will be out of your winter PJs and the rain will have subsided. Regardless, we hope you enjoy time with family and friends doing activities that bring you joy and satisfaction.

Summer is the season of letting go. Routines and obligations that dog us through the year are temporarily relieved. We hope you lean back into the arms of these precious months and allow yourself to bask if not in sun, then in lower stress and fun pursuits.

All the best!
Kamal and Tracy

Eat Dessert First

At a recent luncheon I sat down and as usual, the hotel had placed the dessert in front of my plate before the entree was served. My heart filled with lust.

As I chewed through yet another mound of spring salad covered in the requisite balsamic vinegar dressing, I could not stop staring at that cheesecake. It was such a delectable shade of cream with dollops of raspberry coulis dripping deliciously off its rounded edges. Was it winking at me? When the obligatory chicken was placed in front of me, I made a decision.

I was going to eat dessert first.

If I had room left over then and only then would I partake of the main course. I slowly, lovingly ate each morsel of that cheesecake. And I felt gloriously satisfied with my choice. It made me happy all day as a matter of fact! Maybe even, the week since I am still thinking about it.

Later, I reflected on what a metaphor it was for the choices we make about where to use our assets -whether they be time, money or talent. And what did I conclude? As a way of managing resources, we should spend in the areas that bring us greatest satisfaction. From a responsible point of view married with sheer life satisfaction I strongly advise ... Don't do what feels dutiful, do what feels delicious.

Wealth from the Inside Out

During our annual business planning meeting last month, Kamal and I reflected on an important observation we had both made through the past year. It seems that no matter how much our clients' wealth grows, their sense of peace does not keep up. Whether we are working with a pro bono single mom from the downtown Eastside or a multi-millionaire, the level of anxiety is often similar. Worry, fear and fretting does not seem to be eliminated with a higher net worth. So how can we help with this?

We have formulated a theme for the upcoming business year..."Wealth from the Inside Out". In addition to our typical investment seminars we will be bringing in several speakers to address emotional and physical health issues.

Dr. Rachel Lewis will facilitate a 6 week meditation course. Our favourite therapist and shamanic practitioner Sony Baron, will be hosting a three part series on "Moving from Shadow into Light". Dr. Anita Tannis will talk about Stress, Sex and Hormones and Dr. Roslyn Kunin will give us a rundown on Economics 101. These are just a few of the exciting topics we have planned in the upcoming months.

Keep your eye on our website at the end of July to see details and register
Fall 2016 Calendar of Events at

Money Mindfulness at Hollyhock Retreat Centre Aug 24-28, 2016

Tracy is pleased to be facilitating Money Mindfulness at Hollyhock Retreat Centre on the lovely Cortes Island in August.

In this dynamic, cutting edge workshop she will look at money from a variety of perspectives. Our relationship with, and patterns around money are examined as a window into our life journey. Melding various disciplines, philosophies and economic principles, a personal theology of money will be created by each participant. As well, mindfulness techniques and new strategies for emotional self-management will be practiced. Aligning heart and soul create not just a healthier and enhanced flow of money but a pathway to financial wellness and peace of mind.

For more information and to register Click Here

Brexit Vote Done... What's Next?

On June 23rd, citizens of the United Kingdom surprised the world and voted to leave the European Union which led to the resignation of the British Prime Minster, David Cameron. This unexpected result created a sharp increase in market volatility and huge uncertainty about the impact of the "Brexit" on the global economy. Some European markets fell by as much as 8% in a single day, whereas United States and Canadian markets fell by about 3%. As days passed, the markets rebounded and have made up most of the initial losses.

The vote to leave the European Union was propelled by several factors. The first concern was the inability for the U.K. to set their own trade policies which currently are set by the European Commission. Many in Britain think that they can negotiate better trade deals themselves directly with countries such as China, India, Brazil and the U.S. Secondly, citizens were expressing their dissatisfaction with immigration policies being set by the EU. With this vote, the U.K. gets to regain control of its borders to decide who can be let in and who cannot. This reflects a rise in anti-immigration sentiment sweeping the country.

The near term effects of this vote have been a weakening of the British pound against global currencies and some predict a contraction in economic output which may lead to a mild recession in the UK. To counteract this, the Bank of England and other central Banks have said they are ready to further lower interest rates and take whatever measures are necessary to increase liquidity and stabilize the global economy.

The next step is for the U.K. to formally request separation from the EU. This cannot be done however until a new Prime Minister is in place. Then discussion will begin about dissolution and what it will mean economically. This is still many months away. As the market digests new data and becomes more comfortable with the Brexit, we will move past this period of uncertainty.

Great News! More Transparency in Reporting

We are pleased to announce that beginning January 2017, all investment dealers will have to clearly show how much they receive in compensation for all types of investments. This includes mutual funds. In the past, only fee-based accounts had to disclose the fees that were being charged and most clients assumed they were not paying any fees to hold mutual funds and other types of investments.

We applaud this step as it puts more information in the hands of the client so they will have a clearer picture of the value they receive from their advisors and whether they are on track to meet their financial goals. We will be hosting a seminar later in the fall on the information contained in the new statements.


Our job as financial advisors is to help you match your financial behaviour and investment strategies to the achievement of your life goals. Essentially we see ourselves as "doulas" for increasing your peace of mind. Don't hesitate to call if you need help with making a financial decision or to review your current strategy. We are here to help.

Happy Summer!

Kamal and Tracy

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