High Net Worth Financial Planning

The Faust-Boyer Group creates lifetime financial strategies for many of its clients, including estate planning, generational planning and philanthropy. Working in conjunction with client attorneys and CPAs, The Faust-Boyer Group develops financial strategies that help clients build an earning legacy for future generations and/or an endowment for charitable giving.

Executive Financial Planning

The earning years typically are so focused on attaining wealth that many business executives fail to effectively plan for the retirement phase of their lives. The Faust-Boyer Group helps business executives understand all aspects of their compensation packages, from stock options and insurance plans to buyout agreements during mergers or acquisitions.

A student of technology and corporate trends, Michael Faust excels at helping business executives create a properly allocated portfolio that gives them the best opportunity to participate in the market's upside while controlling their downside exposure.

Generational Planning

Effective execution of a long-term financial plan depends upon generational planning. Smart generational planning means that financial advisors are working not only with a client, but the children of that client to help them develop good, cohesive financial habits that extend the family's efforts toward financial independence.

The Faust-Boyer Group is committed to forming extended relationships with clients and their families. The age of our team members ranges from 38 to 61, giving us a wide range of expertise, perspective, and business and life experiences. We have established our own generational plan, which gives us the framework to build long-term relationships with our clients and their families.

Women & Investing

Lynn Faust has been teaching women how to take control of their financial life for 30 years. Lynn's Women & Investing course at Greenville Technical College in the 1980s and 1990s became so popular that the class had a waiting list. Ever the teacher, Lynn and The Faust-Boyer Group work with women executives, retirees, widows and divorcees, helping them to create their own masterpiece of financial independence.

Understanding the different life challenges and financial risks women face, The Faust-Boyer Group helps female clients establish their own solid financial footing through education, goal setting and portfolio management. As one of the first female branch managers for Raymond James, Lynn draws from her life experience and her three decades of financial planning experience when helping clients plan their futures.