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A few of the finer things

Recently we have experienced several of our clients join the long sought-after group called RETIREES. I used to tell people that my clients were primarily physicians, business owners or other professionals. I started this career 25 years ago and most of these people were in their 40’s or 50’s…now most of them are in their 60’s and 70’s and retirees make up a very large percentage of our business. One of the best things about doing what we do as advisors is transition people from the workforce to retirement. As a trusted advisor, one of the coolest things we experience is the gratitude from the retiring client and the resulting happiness they and their spouse/significant other share with us.

We take great pride in transitioning a client from the workforce to retirement. We plan diligently to make the process as smooth as possible. When we told one recent retiree what he can expect to receive as a monthly direct deposit from his accounts with us, he was elated that he had taken the time to plan ahead. With proper planning, many of our clients have experienced the same emotions.

I recently took out a long-term care policy on myself (and am in the process of getting one for my wife, Debbie). After looking at all of the various options available, we made a conscious decision that we did not want to be a burden to our children and did not want healthcare/long-term care expenses to negatively affect our financial future especially in retirement. We found a solution that meets all of our needs and concerns which I will be happy to discuss in more detail with you outside of this forum. Many of you have heard me say over the years that, as often as financially possible, I like to “eat what I cook” as far as using the products and services that we provide for our own use. Having a long-term care strategy is one of the focal points of our business in 2018—that strategy may or may not involve insurance—but having a plan is a discussion that we have experienced with many of you and will be having with more of you in the near future.

Linked is a recent article from Raymond James WORTHWHILE magazine titled, “Correcting Your Course.” It talks about options if your best-laid retirement income plans veer off track…these are options that we don’t really want to experience and we work very hard to avoid. We like to plan for the unexpected and allow you all to enjoy the retirement you worked so hard to achieve.

Correcting Your Course

–Gary Weiss, March 2018

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