Alison Auerbach Practice Marketing Associate

Alison joined the G&R team in April of 2019 as a Client Service Associate and now works as our Practice Marketing Associate. Alison helps maintain the quality level of service we provide to our clients by handling administrative duties efficiently and supporting Mollie Marot, our Registered Client Service Associate. Our marketing plan is overseen by Alison along with our website and client communications - from birthday cards to our newsletter to social media. Additionally Alison handles the scheduling for the team, so you can expect an email or call from her to set up a review with your advisor once you are established as a client.

Prior to joining Raymond James Alison worked in the financial services industry for three years when she rejoined the workforce fulltime after raising her children. Previous work experience includes being an acquiring editor for a small online press, managing the grill & bar of a health club and working as a child advocate in a preschool.

A native of Chicago, Alison moved to Cincinnati in 1993, with a brief jaunt to New Jersey for five years in the early 2000s. A widow she currently resides in Pleasant Ridge, Ohio with her dog Phoebe. Of her three children, two are post-college and the youngest is on pace to graduate in 2024.

An active volunteer, Alison has held positions on both national and regional boards, serving as president of a regional board from 2018-2020. She continues her involvement by co-chairing the nominating committee and working on constitutional revisions as her region begins the process of merging with another. When she is not busy with volunteer work, you will find Alison hanging out with her dog Phoebe, listening to audiobooks, or working on a crochet project – often all three at the same time.