Value Proposition Builder

Your value proposition is a brief statement that defines what you offer, to whom, the benefit it provides (by solving a problem or meeting a need) and how it differentiates you from competitors. Your value proposition should reflect what you do and who you are (as opposed to what you want to be and what you say you are).

A value proposition follows a particular format:

  1. A description of your target market
  2. The value you offer
  3. The service(s) you offer
  4. The benefits of your value to clients
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We help: (choose up to three)

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Who need: (choose one)

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By offering: (choose up to two)

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In order to: (choose one)

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Third-Party Resources

Once established, it’s important to convey your value proposition clearly and consistently throughout all of your communications and touch points, including:

  • Conversations with clients and prospects
  • Language in all your client materials
  • Key words and messaging on your website
  • Articles and white papers
  • Seminars and/or webinars

The following resources provide additional insight into how you can refine your value proposition.

Develop your value proposition

  • View resources from the Practice Intelligence website to help you develop your value proposition.

Build Your Personal Value Proposition

  • Read this brief article from Harvard Business Review about how to develop a powerful personal value proposition (PVP).