Building competencies around transportation

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Building competencies around transportation

Key car features that can help your clients maintain their independence in retirement

Ah, the thrill of the open road. Many of us take the liberty of driving for granted and never envision a day when we’ll have to hang up our keys. However as we age, our ability to drive well decreases. As a financial advisor, this is an important factor to keep in mind as you help your clients plan for their retirements – retirements that are lasting longer, on average, than ever before. You can help clients explore new car features designed to keep them on the road longer while also starting a conversation around transportation planning and how their abilities and needs will change with age.

Blind-spot warning systems

These sensors warn you when cars flank either side of your vehicle on a highway, while changing lanes and while parking.

Parking assistance

This feature uses a combination of sensors and override mechanics to help you park. The sensors gauge the distance between vehicles and issue alerts when you get too close.

Head-up displays

Head-up displays show relevant information on the windshield or an on-dash screen within a driver’s natural line of sight.

Lane departure warning systems and prevention

This system is intended to keep drivers from inadvertently veering into another lane. Some even apply the brakes or take over steering to coax the vehicle back in line.

Power sliding doors and tailgates

These features help with loading and unloading. Some also have motion sensors.

Adaptive cruise control

Similar to traditional cruise control, this version adds radar to detect slower vehicles and adjusts your car to an appropriate following distance, then gets it back up to speed when traffic clears.

Comfortable seating

More than just padding, new features address ergonomics, lumbar support and power adjustments. This can include swiveling captain’s chairs to make entry and exit easier or power-operated rear seats that slide closer to the door openings.

Collision warning/avoidance systems

This system issues an alert if your car is getting too close to another vehicle or obstruction. Some will automatically apply the brakes and tighten seatbelts to help avoid or minimize the impact of a collision.

Smart headlights

These high-beam lights adjust the range and intensity of illumination based on traffic and other light sources.

Drowsy driver alerts

This system monitors drivers for indications that their attention has wandered and prompts them to re-focus on driving. 

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