Got a blog? Do this, not that


Got a blog? Do this, not that

How to make your words linkable, searchable and sociable.


  1. Entice your audience.

You have a lot of ideas to share with clients and prospects. Do they want to read about them? Your blog should be an extension of yourself, your expertise, your passions AND meet your audience’s needs. You know your clients well, so use that knowledge to showcase your thought leadership and opinions and connect to your ideal clients and their network.

  1. Nail the headline.

Questions; best of, Q&A or numbered lists; statistics; as well as do’s and don’ts can draw your reader in. What would compel you?

  1. Fold in these 4 factors.

Linkable. Include links and sources.

Scanable. Break up text with bullet points, images and headers.

Searchable. Use keywords (words readers actually search for), links and tags to improve search engine optimization (SEO) and help people find your blog.

Sociable. Drive traffic by promoting each blog entry via social media and email.


  1. Slack off.

A blog takes commitment. You’ll want to generate fresh content on a consistent basis (e.g., 2 to 3 times a month or quarterly). The frequency is really up to you. You should set a recurring reminder in Outlook for subsequent entries and follow through.

If you want to get ahead, write several posts before adding a blog to your website so you’ll have more time to produce content once it goes live.

Tip: Post original content whenever possible. If you need inspiration, rely on broad-market news media, case studies, etc. Be sure to cite your sources!

  1. Showcase multiple personalities.

Be consistent with your brand and messaging in every online interaction, including your blog. In short, write like you speak.

  1. Stay in one lane.

Your blog should blend industry-related information, personal interests and lifestyle content that appeal to your clientele.

Offer your perspective on:

  • Timely financial topics
  • Recent industry, market or financial planning news
  • Events, performances or restaurants that piqued your interest
  • Office or team updates
  1. Write a novel.

Brevity is the soul of wit, remember? Your readers want you to get to the point, in less than 500 words. Outline, write, then edit, edit, and edit some more before posting. If you can say something with a picture, video or graphic – DO. Multimedia and interactive elements drive clicks.

Think of your blog as your custom newsletter, an extension of your online brand, website and social media.

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