Tech on the rise


Tech on the rise

A conversation with Raymond James CIO Vin Campagnoli

No one is more aware of technology’s role in the life of the advisor than Raymond James Chief Information Officer Vin Campagnoli. And Vin says that there is no other firm out there today that allows its advisors to drive their technology growth and enhancement more than Raymond James. We spoke with Vin recently to get his insight on new technological enhancements in our industry, and how that technology can be made even better in the hands of the Raymond James advisor.

What new technology are you most excited about?

Our client reporting platform. It continues to be the highest priority for our financial advisors and is becoming a differentiator for Raymond James. We understand this is a relationship business that requires technology that allows for more human connection. We have developed our client reporting platform to give the advisor the ability to fully customize reports to the client’s needs, to package them according to the advisor’s and/or the client’s preferences. It also has a feature that allows you to schedule reports well into the future, regardless of how many you want or how detailed you want them to be. Advisor usage of the platform is very high, and the folks that are using it are enjoying a tremendous amount of efficiency when producing reports. It’s become a powerful tool for advisors, so we continue to invest in developing and enhancing that technology. 

What is Raymond James doing to make advisors more mobile?

We’re building a new app that will combine Client Center and CRM into one app that financial advisors can take with them on the road. We already have a number of applications that allow for our FAs to be mobile, but this new app represents a new level of accessibility. We’re working with one of Apple’s premier design partners to create a true mobile experience for iPad and iPhone, and the new app is currently being rolled out.

What is Raymond James doing to create a better client experience?

We want to put more tools in Investor Access, our online client portal that provides access to client account information and a growing range of resources for both client and advisor. We are dedicated to providing even more capabilities for collaboration with financial advisors and clients, and our new app is a prime example. Obtaining electronic signatures in an easy, efficient, and secure way through eSignature is another example of how we are listening to FAs’ wishes in creating a better client experience.

How do you see technology changing the way we interact with customers in the future?

For a while now, Raymond James has been focused on “the client of the future,” getting out in front of the industry as client communications and interactions become more digital. The financial advisor must be able to communicate effectively across all channels, that includes the phone, the computer and digital. As a result, FAs are driving technology to be more collaborative so the client and advisor can communicate and exchange information digitally versus over the phone or in person. We are doing a number of things in that space right now. For instance, clients can put third-party accounts in Investor Access so that the financial advisor can see the full financial picture of the client, and not just their Raymond James accounts, to better support their clients’ portfolio objectives. We have just released Vault, a document storage facility accessible through Investor Access where clients can safely store important documents – like wills, estate plans, insurance policies – and they and the financial advisor can access them at any time without having to schedule an appointment. We are looking to build more self-service capabilities for clients and FAs to enable more collaboration through technology.

How do you feel our technology measures up against other firms?

Over the years, when a financial advisor comes to Raymond James from a different firm, we ask them what about our technology platform is better than what they had before and what can be improved or adapted to meet their needs. We’ve learned something from almost every new advisor we talk to, and we incorporate those best practices into our plans. New FAs that join Raymond James are pleasantly surprised by our capabilities. That’s a result of our ability to get good feedback from not just our existing advisors, but from new advisors, as well. 

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