The art of the hire in five steps

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The art of the hire in five steps

Bringing in new talent can benefit everyone if done right

Is it him, or her? Will she fit? Does he have the skills we need now? Hiring the right person can be challenging. Especially when you consider that everyone else is looking for that right person, too. Here is what you can do to make sure the best possible candidates find you.

1 – Hire to fill a need, not just to fill a seat

Hiring the right person is not a paint-by-numbers activity where you try to fill an empty space because it’s there. Instead, focus on finding someone who has the certain skill set or connections you are looking for. Know how to read a resume and job application to detect desirable skills and potential red flags.

2 – Prepare before you open the search

Make sure you, or the people who will ultimately do the hiring, have the information and skills to make an informed decision about a candidate. Brush up your interviewing skills and be clear about what you as a manager or mentor are looking for in responses. Ask questions that highlight the candidate’s strengths and shortcomings, and ask for specific examples in their responses to determine if the candidate is a good fit for the team, branch or firm.

3 – Think diversity

Regrettably, there exists an unconscious bias in our industry that has rendered it among the most, well, monochromatic in the business world. All organizations should strive to look like the market they serve. When it comes to hiring, that means doing our best to hire the right people for the job and the industry, many of whom are ethnically and culturally diverse, women returning to the workplace, and veterans.

4 – Learn while you grow

New hires are full of new knowledge, strategies, ideas and competitive intelligence. Branch managers, mentors and hirers stand to learn a lot during each hiring process. Also, reach out to your own mentor for guidance in hiring good candidates and determining good fits. Allow yourself to be the student in the process of learning to coach, manage, engage and support a new hire.

5 – Onboard right!

During the onboarding process, the manager and/or mentor should take the helm to truly engage the new hire and begin with momentum. Here is where you demonstrate your ability to deliver and execute all that was discussed during the interviewing process. Be there for your new hire. Recognize opportunities and skills or behaviors and coach them. And be consistent and fair in your meetings, your feedback and your time.

In today’s competitive market, the only way to keep a business together is to continue to grow that business. A new hire can rejuvenate and reenergize an entire branch office with the promise of new opportunities and a reaffirmation of the spirit and culture that defines your branch, office or firm. So be practical, be consistent and develop your art of hiring. 

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