The value in your proposition


The value in your proposition

Use this interactive whitepaper to understand what differentiates you from your competitors.

There’s something unique about what you have to offer your clients. It could be that you specialize in the issues faced by baby boomers or recent divorcees. Perhaps your career has been focused on multigenerational wealth planning or the ins and outs of charitable giving. No matter what it happens to be, there’s something that differentiates you from your competitors. Understanding what that is and capitalizing on it in your interactions with clients gives you the ability to set yourself apart in your local market and even the industry at large. 

Your unique value proposition (UVP) is a brief statement that defines what you offer and to whom, the benefit it provides, and how it differentiates you from your competitors. Designed to help you identify what makes your business special and communicate it clearly to clients and prospects, most UVPs follow a straightforward formula: 

  1. A description of your target market
  2. The value you offer
  3. The service(s) you offer
  4. The benefits of your value to clients

To learn more about the role the unique value proposition plays in branding and marketing – and to formulate your own – click the link below. There, you’ll find our online tool to help identify your niche target market(s), services and differentiators. Once you understand the unique value proposition your team has to offer, you’ll be better able to communicate that clearly and consistently to those you serve. 


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