The winning equation

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The winning equation

Use these questions to dig deeper into your client’s lives – without being pushy.

Except from Investment News special supplement published November 2014.

Melissa Joy, CFP®, Partner and Director of Wealth Management at Center for Financial Planning, Inc., created a mathematical formula for the essentials of success.

“Breaking through, equals Relationships plus Credibility plus Follow-through.”

The relationship factor acknowledges the role that other people—clients, mentors, colleagues, friends and family—play in her life, by supporting or challenging her. The credibility factor comes from opening herself to authentic relationships, by asking questions and showing through action that she cares about the people in her life. Follow-through is just that: the commitment and discipline to make sure she is proactive about cementing relationships.

“When I fall down on the job or have a moment of weakness or fear, I go back to the winning equation,” Joy said. It is a checklist and a spur to action, and, she believes, it underlies her success. 

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