Uncover your ideal Centers of Influence

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Uncover your ideal Centers of Influence

Explore these tactics for connecting with them.

With your ideal client in mind, can you identify the people who work with them and are most likely to be able to connect you with that group? Depending on the needs of your ideal client, it could be a divorce attorney, mortgage specialist or business valuation professional. You may already have information on who these professionals are, or you may need to gather some data from clients who most closely resemble your ideal.

Consider calling key clients and telling them that you are focusing on meeting the needs of clients (like them) dealing with “x” (for example, caring for a disabled child). In doing so, you would like to be able to offer the names of other professionals who are experienced in dealing with this. Then ask which other professionals helped them most. Were they happy with this person’s services? Would they be willing to introduce you? This not only gets you names and potential introductions but also reminds the client to think of you when referral opportunities arise.

Create a list of professionals to meet with using the recommendations gathered from clients. If more are needed, call professionals that you already know in the various industries and ask them for recommendations. Another option is to attend educational/networking events sponsored by local chapters for the various professional organizations.

Thinking outside the COI box

Traditionally when thinking about centers of influence, everyone immediately thinks of attorneys and CPAs – and competition for their attention can be fierce. Expanding your idea of who can be a center of influence may give you an advantage by working with often overlooked – and valuable – referrers. You should look for opportunities where you can mutually and equitably help one another. Some nontraditional COIs you might consider are:

  • Real estate agents
  • Local business owners
  • Corporate executives
  • Physicians
  • Home owner association managers
  • HR managers
  • Local politicians and council members
  • Personal trainers
  • Church or other religious leaders  

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