Using technology in your practice


Using technology in your practice

Kimberly Briggs, WMS, and Dennis Briggs, CFP®, discuss the evolution of technology and how they integrate technology into their practice.

How has the technology at Raymond James evolved over the past five years?

The technology at Raymond James has evolved in multiple ways over the past few years. Specifically, there has been a major investment in our client reporting system and our goal planning software. The systems are set up as a “one stop shop” where advisors can go to one place and access everything they need for a client within a matter of minutes. For example, I can access Client Center to view a client’s investment report, and then jump right over to our goal planning software to execute a client’s financial plan, so it’s created a lot of efficiencies in my day-to-day.

Additionally, the operational processes that used to have to be done at our corporate office are now here in the branch and can be done at our desktops. For example, processing paperwork and issuing checks and wires and so forth can all be done at the sales assistant’s desk.

How does Raymond James take advisor feedback into consideration when developing new technology offerings?

Raymond James uses advisors’ feedback to find out how, as an advisor, I use the technology, instead of rolling out the technology and hoping for the best. Raymond James takes the approach of viewing the technology from an advisor’s perspective, so they’re consistently asking “How do you use it and what can we do to improve it?” We work together to make sure that the technology is really what’s right for the advisor. It’s amazing that we have the resources to be able to talk to people and say here’s what we like and here’s what we don’t like.

Also, the headquarters has a technology advisory council of advisors all over the country and they have regular meetings and phone calls to solicit specific information that they need for a particular application.

How do you integrate technology in your day-to-day business?

We integrate technology into our day-to-day business as soon as we walk in the door. The first thing I pull up is Client Center, which serves as the hub that everything works off of. From Client Center, I can go directly to Client Reporting or I can go directly to Goal Planning & Monitoring or I can review client accounts to answer any questions that clients may have.

eSignature has also changed the way we do business. There’s no longer waiting for people to return documents in the mail. Since we travel a lot, whenever a document comes in, I’m able to look at it and review it while I’m on the road, sign it and get it back to our team. Our clients really appreciate and value that there’s no delay.

With the technology and mobile capabilities we have at Raymond James, I am able to have my office with me, whether I’m at my house or at a hotel. I feel like I have everything I need to do business. I never feel like “Oh I wish I had this or that” – I have the resources I need to do business all the time.

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