• Dennis P. Williams

    Registered Principal, RJFS

    Managing Partner, Affinity Wealth Partners

Drawn to this industry by his interest in the capital markets and mathematics, Dennis enjoys having the ability to form lasting relationships with the clients and families our team serves, enabling him to have a positive impact on their lives. He works diligently and with compassion each day to ensure client assets are invested appropriately for their specific goals, using allocations within various capital markets that are designed to mitigate risk while producing the needed returns

Prior to joining Raymond James in 2018, Dennis served as a first vice president, investment officer and branch office manager with Wells Fargo Advisors. Before that, he was employed with Merrill Lynch as vice president and resident director from 1991 to 2009, and from 1994 to 2005, Dennis served as president and co‐owner of Collegiate Catering. Dennis earned a bachelor’s degree from Lincoln University.