Your professional career might start on the day you sign your contract, but your financial life began long before and will last long after. That’s why a long-term, comprehensive approach to financial planning is so important for someone like you.

In our experience, the primary reason retired athletes find themselves financially distressed is because they started their careers without a sound plan in place. That’s why our goal is to create a thoughtful, thorough plan designed to help ensure you’re financially secure, independent and able to enjoy life after your professional career.

If it impacts your financial success, we’re here to help you handle it.

Services for Professional Athletes and Coaches

Budgeting/Cash Flow Analysis

We work directly with you to determine a monthly and annual budget that is both realistic and appropriate. By implementing an appropriate budget, we help ensure you finish each season prepared for the off-season and with savings necessary to allow for future financial independence.

Bill Paying Services

Raymond James Capital Access gives you the capability of paying your monthly and periodic bills directly from your investment account. This feature ensures bills are paid in a timely manner and facilitates enhanced recordkeeping. Additionally, you will have the ability to secure a debit card linked directly to your investment account through Raymond James Capital Access.

Retirement Planning

We coordinate with your tax professional to ensure the appropriate retirement vehicles and practices are always in use. This can range from helping you enroll in your 401(k) retirement plan to deferring endorsement income. Our team has the experience needed to provide the guidance you will require throughout your career.

Insurance/Risk Management

Our risk management evaluation assesses all aspects of your insurance needs. From health, life and disability insurance to the needs of an umbrella policy, our team will carefully evaluate your insurance needs.

Tax Preparation Planning*

To help ensure you are prepared for your annual tax filings, we’ll work with a qualified CPA to make sure your IRS filing is accurate and honest. From making sure you have all necessary Raymond James tax forms to making sure you discuss any possible deductions with your tax professional, our team is here to facilitate the working relationship between you and your tax professional.

*Raymond James does not offer tax or legal advice. You should consult the appropriate professional for any tax or legal issues.

Investment Management

Our advisory team will work with you to develop and implement a personalized investment plan tailored to your comfort with risk, time horizon and long-term needs. Through careful planning, our investment team develops investment guidelines that balance your current cash liquidity needs with the importance of long-term capital growth.

As your career progresses, investment management will become our most essential service and benefit. We will work very hard during the first few years to simply educate you regarding your financial independence. Our goal is to grow together in sharing and developing sound investment strategies that can benefit you throughout your life.


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There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful. Investing involves risk and investors may incur a profit or a loss. Past performance is not indicative of future results.