Services to address all of your priorities in life

Your financial objectives may range from accumulating wealth to planning for retirement to making your money last as long as possible through retirement. In fact, over the course of your lifetime, you will undoubtedly pursue all of these goals. With the full range of financial services we offer, we can help you be prepared for all the significant events of your life.

Asset allocation

Asset allocation is a long-term strategy designed to help investors achieve their financial goals without assuming undue risk. By allocating your assets to a diverse variety of sectors and investments, we attempt to increase the likelihood of generating a more consistent, positive return over the long term. Depending on your risk tolerance, the economic environment, your specific objectives and other factors, your portfolio may include domestic and global stocks, fixed income, real estate and alternative investments.

Asset allocation does not ensure a profit nor protect against loss.

Asset management

Raymond James offers full-service asset management for clients who prefer to utilize the skills and expertise of professional money managers. A comprehensive process helps match your unique goals and risk tolerance with an asset allocation model that’s right for you – from capital preservation to asset growth designed to meet your long-term goals.

Estate planning

Whether it’s providing income for a spouse, educating children or grandchildren, or leaving money to your favorite charity, proper estate planning can help ensure that your assets accumulated over your lifetime are preserved for the use you have intended. We can offer financial strategies designed to efficiently manage the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next, and mitigate related tax issues.

Financial planning

There is more to your life than simple transactions and returns. Similarly, there’s more to financial planning than just a portfolio and a retirement strategy, so we look at planning through a wide lens and develop strategies designed to pursue your short- and long-term goals.

Retirement planning

Because people are living longer today, the possibility of going 30 years without a paycheck takes careful planning and disciplined investing. We can help you with every phase of planning for your retirement. During your working years, the accumulation phase, we’ll develop and monitor a wealth accumulation plan based on your specific goals and objectives. As you approach retirement, the pre-retirement phase, we’ll assist you with critical decisions regarding retirement plan options, Social Security and tax planning. Then once you are retired, we will determine tax-efficient income and wealth transfer strategies designed to help you in retirement.

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College planning

If your goals include providing for the future of a child or grandchild, we can help you investigate your many options and develop an education funding strategy. We can help you provide for this opportunity with investment vehicles such as Coverdell education savings accounts, 529 college savings accounts and specialized trust vehicles.

Mutual funds

Whether you are a new investor or an experienced one, investing in mutual funds may be an easy way to diversify your holdings. A growing segment of the investment market, mutual funds are professionally managed portfolios whose shares are sold to the public in much the same way that stocks are.

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Investment planning

We will customize a personal investment strategy based on factors such as your objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance, then evaluate your current holdings and allocate your assets in a diverse variety of sectors and investments designed to increase the likelihood of generating a consistent return over the long term.

Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit nor protect against loss.

Stocks & bonds

Stock signifies ownership in a corporation. Many companies issue stock, also known as equity, to raise money for expansion, upgrades or other initiatives. Generally, investors purchase stock to realize capital gains. Bonds can also play an important role in a well-diversified portfolio. In determining a suitable allocation of bonds to your portfolio, we will consider factors such as your investment time horizon, risk tolerance, need for income and future goals.

Investments are subject to market risk, including possible loss of principal.

Institutional Investing

The institutional clients we serve seek a conservative investment approach designed to carefully create asset growth while, at the same time, preserving their principal. We begin by helping to establish an investment policy statement to spell out objectives and help ensure continuity in as committee members change over time. We then develop a diversified investment portfolio customized to each client’s needs, mission and objectives.

We monitor performance, management and fees, and meet with each client on a regular basis to make recommendations and updates. By collaborating with your directors, board members and other professional advisors, we can address important aspects such as cash flow management, risk management and tax liability. Our goal is to free you from the burden of managing your organization’s investments, so you can focus on the important work at hand.

Investing involves risks including the potential for capital losses.

Company retirement plans

A well-constructed corporate retirement plan is an ideal way for businesses to attract and retain quality employees, as well as help owners plan and save for their own futures. We can help you establish and manage your plan.

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403(b) plans

A 403(b) plan is a retirement plan for certain employees of public schools, tax-exempt organizations and ministers. The features are very similar to those of a 401(k) plan. Employees may make salary deferral contributions that are usually limited by regulatory caps. Individual accounts in a 403(b) plan can be any of the following types – an annuity contract, which is provided through an insurance company; a custodial account, which is invested in mutual funds; or a retirement income account set up for church employees. We can help you establish and manage your plan.

Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of mutual funds carefully before investing. The prospectus contains this and other information about this investment. The prospectus is available from (FA name) and should be read carefully before investing.