Andrea Carroll Bio
Andrea Carroll Executive Assistant

Kind, smart, dependable, compassionate and a great listener are just some of the special qualities that are attributed to Andrea. As a critical member of the team, she forges strong bonds to each of the clients to know what their preferences are and smooths the way so that progress is effortless. “Anticipating a clients’ needs is what I love to do. It’s so gratifying to be so in sync with them, that I can meet their needs before they even need to ask” says Andrea. The gratitude shows by the relationships she forms with all of the clients and how they enthusiastically share their stories and adventures with her.

Andrea is also passionate about furthering her education and has cultivated her knowledge of finance through ten years experience in multiple facets of the industry. She is particularly drawn to financial planning and investment strategy where Alliance Wealth Management concentrates. The past seven years of her career have been devoted to acquiring as much skill and knowledge in these areas as possible and intends to continue to expand her horizons. 

When Andrea is not in the office, she can be found out and about with her daughter, Olivia. As avid bakers it wouldn’t be unusual to find them experimenting in the kitchen with flour up to their elbows and Andrea has recently worked hard to master the soufflé! She enjoys crocheting, people watching at the Zoo, and finding the best places and new restaurants to enjoy.