Wealth Wellness planning for today's needs and tomorrow's goals

At the Wealth Wellness Group of Raymond James & Associates, we believe that the values and discipline used to achieve physical fitness can be applied to creating a healthy portfolio. That's why Anne Bedinger, our group's founder, developed the Wealth Wellness Process-a holistic, multisystem approach to managing assets, preserving wealth and building legacies for families and businesses. And that's also why Anne has spent years studying the human response to financial change with the Sudden Money® Institute, reaching the point of Mastery in her training as a Certified Financial Transitionist® (CeFT®). After all, life presents continuous changes and knowing how to maintain well-being during transitions is an important skill that determines the outcome of most major life events.

Since our partnership involves fundamental aspects of your life, we begin advising you only after we have developed a thorough understanding of your goals and objectives. We need to understand where you are in your life and whether you are approaching or in the midst of a major life event such as retirement, divorce, widowhood, or the sale of a business. It is important for us to understand whether you have experienced gain or loss, financially or personally. Only after we've established a fit with you will we begin working together to create a plan. No matter what point you are in your life, the advisors Wealth Wellness Group can offer personalized strategies and solutions tailored for you.

Our Team

Our priority is to provide outstanding service with reliable, objective and consistent advice. In keeping with our entrepreneurial spirit, we're proactive in identifying opportunities to help manage your assets through our affiliation with Raymond James. We work for your financial independence, leaving you to enjoy life with a sense of well-being. Anne named her practice Wealth Wellness Group, since managing money is important and being healthy enough to enjoy your lifestyle is crucial. Her Wealth Wellness Process starts with a holistic, multi-system approach that takes into account all aspects of a client's life when designing workable solutions for families and businesses.

Integrated into Anne's work are the processes and tools created by the Sudden Money® Institute for use only by its Certified Financial Transitionists® (CeFT®). Whatever changes life presents, Anne's expertise in managing transitions will help you achieve the confidence that comes with knowing somebody is concerned about your well-being and your finances are being appropriately managed.