Comprehensive Inclusive Planning

We follow a process that we believe ensures consistent service and enhances our ability to continually and effectively monitor your portfolio's performance. We call it our Wealth Wellness Process.


Just as you rely on your doctor and nutritionist to offer advice based on thorough knowledge of your unique wellness needs, we begin our process of designing your financial plan by asking you a variety of important questions – including some that are basic, and some that may seem a little unusual at first. Because we find that many of our highly successful clients have complex financial needs, it's important for us to be able to see every aspect of their situations to coordinate the big picture of how to appropriately serve their wealth needs.

Furthermore, there are times in your life when you may not realize that your thinking, your behavior, and your health are being affected by your financial situation. One of the many benefits of having Anne's experience in financial transitions on your team is that she knows how to recognize, move through, and manage those crucial events.


Assessing your financial situation and performing an in-depth analysis of your portfolio allows us to begin prioritizing your planning needs in the same way a healthcare advisor must check all your physical vital signs before treating you. If necessary, we may send you to another trusted advisor to handle potential tax or legal issues before we complete your plan. Our analysis provides us a comprehensive understanding of your current personal financial assets, risk management and asset protection measures, tax strategies, estate plan, legacy desires, as well as the state of your business.


Once we've gained a thorough understanding of your needs and current situation, we'll design your wealth management plan by employing holistic, creative strategies. We'll step outside the usual confines of financial planning, incorporating your lifestyle and aspirations to help take you to the next level of success. We are free to offer independent advice, and utilize an abundance of resources to organize your wealth.


Just as you and your healthcare provider monitor each aspect of your health, we perform regular checkups on your fiscal wellness. Our Investment Policy Statement provides a baseline for you that helps us offer advice on when to re-balance your portfolio, or when to make bolder tactical adjustments based on fundamental changes in economic or market cycles.