Wiley Gardner

Senior Vice President, Investments

Wiley offers his clients service backed by more than 33 years of experience with the markets and retirement planning. Also his engineering background brings a sense of discipline and balance to his work designing long-term stock portfolios for the team. He specializes in long-term stock investing and is well versed in the many products offered by the financial services industry.

Wiley’s interest in the financial services industry began after spending nearly 10 years working as an engineer with Hess Oil in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It was there that he bought his first stock and grew fascinated by the stock market. Before joining Raymond James in 2015, Wiley was employed for nine years with Merrill Lynch, 20 years with Smith Barney and three years with Dean Witter. He earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Southwestern Louisiana.

Wiley grew up in Franklin, Louisiana, and currently lives in Mandeville with his wife Jan of 35 years. Together, they have three grown children. Playing music has always been a passion for Wiley, so his home is filled with pianos, banjoes and guitars. In his free time, he also enjoys restoring cars, woodworking and fixing anything that’s broken.