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the business of life

Our approach to comprehensive financial planning is process-oriented and goal-driven – we seek to establish where you are now, determine what you need to maintain your lifestyle and achieve your objectives, and then develop a plan designed to fund those goals. And we do that by following five clearly defined and thoroughly executed steps:

In this first meeting, we’ll take our time getting to know you, and having you get to know us. This allows us to determine if we are the right team to help you meet your objectives and realize your goals. We will discuss your unique financial issues, but more than that, we’ll discuss many of the emotional issues surrounding family wealth.

Our next step is to jointly develop an Investment Policy Statement. This document serves as your financial road map, outlining your near- and long-term objectives – whether it’s funding for college, distributions during retirement or giving to your favorite charity. The Investment Policy Statement also reflects the level of investment volatility you’re comfortable with, acceptable investment types, and the frequency of reporting and reviews.

With your approval of the Investment Policy Statement, our team will begin evaluating various investment strategies and asset allocation plans that are most suited to your goals. Individual money managers will be assessed and selected from a wide variety of managers on whom Raymond James has done extensive and ongoing due diligence. In addition, we can develop a comprehensive plan that may include services such as cash flow and retirement distribution planning, estate transfer planning, and asset protection – both for your family and from creditors. During this process, we may introduce you to other professionals, as needed, who have expertise in estate planning and charitable giving strategies.

Once you’ve had time to review our recommendations, we’ll ask for your feedback and make any necessary adjustments before receiving your final approval. The actual implementation of your plan will likely be a multi-step process conducted over time, during which you’ll be provided with frequent updates.

With your plan in motion, we will conduct ongoing assessments to ensure that it is, in fact, meeting your outlined objectives, and we’ll keep you informed of its progress through periodic review meetings and market updates. You determine the frequency of these communications, but we encourage you to meet with us at least annually. This gives our team the opportunity to see if your goals have changed or if any major events in your life require an adjustment to your long-term plan.

As you can see, wealth management encompasses much more than putting together a plan to diversify your assets. The implications of a poorly formed plan can lead to unnecessary tax liability, vulnerability to creditors and a difficult and/or inefficient transition of wealth to your heirs. Our process addresses all of the issues – the business of life – to ensure you’re on the right path to a financially independent and comfortable retirement.

Diversification and asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected.

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