Financial Planning


We believe that a strategic financial plan is a cornerstone to any successful professional or business owner.

At Beacon Hill Wealth Management, we work with financial planning experts from Raymond James Ltd. to create flexible and sustainable plans that help you connect your goals with your financial resources.

Your personal wealth management plan begins with a thorough analysis of your current financial assets and liabilities, along with an insurance analysis to identify possible shortfalls. We then work with you to identify and prioritize your goals for the future.  If your needs or goals change along the way, we are here to make sure your financial plan is keeping pace with the changes not only in the market but also in your personal situation.

Retirement Planning


We take into account that clients have a higher life expectancy than just one generation ago, and may require their assets to sustain them well into their 90s.

Retirement planning commonly is a source of anxiety for many people:

  • Do I have enough money to retire?
  • Am I going to outlive my assets?
  • Do I need to keep working for a few more years in order to retire?
  • Will I have any money left to leave to my heirs?

All of these questions can be answered by having a solid retirement plan in place. Working with Raymond James financial planners, we sit down with our clients as they get closer to retirement to analyze their current financial assets and the cash flow they will need during their retirement years. This can also include gifts to grandchildren, family holidays, vacation home purchases, long-term care, etc., in our analysis.

If a client's financial asset base is not projected to support the cash flow demands of 30 years of retirement, a Raymond James financial planner can create a plan in which they work a few extra years to gain the peace of mind that they will not outlive their assets.

RESP and Educational Planning


An RESP is one of the first steps a parent, grandparent, or for that matter anyone, can take to help a child save for their future educational expenses.

It gives clients a unique savings vehicle that when coupled with the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) match of 20% of up to $500/yr, offers a rate of return that is unmatched by almost any other investment vehicle or program.

The RESP program is not the only way that you can plan for a child’s university or trade school education expenses; we have numerous options for clients to earmark funds for schooling in the future.

Tax and Estate


Sound financial plans extend beyond the present day with strategic trust, estate, and tax planning.


A major concern for many of our affluent families is both their current and future tax liabilities. At Beacon Hill Wealth Management, we realize that proper tax planning can capture more “added value“ (commonly called Alpha, the holy grail of investment returns) than almost any investment style or product can.

The partnership we have formed with a select few of the top accountants in Victoria ensures that our clients’ financial plans always maximize the tax benefits allotted to them.  Small business owners have an even greater opportunity to take advantage of tax efficient investing, and as small business owners ourselves, we are intimately familiar with strategies that can assist our clients in keeping more of their hard earned income.


We also work with some of the top Estate attorneys in town to ensure you are planning for your family not only today, but tomorrow as well. Robust estate planning can be the difference between your assets smoothly transitioning to the next generation in a tax efficient manner, and your heirs quarrelling over assets to sell to meet tax obligations. The time and money spent now to set up a flexible estate plan can pay huge dividends in the future, and can end up saving your family a considerable sum of money and grief.

Whether it’s helping you set up a family trust or simply moving money from an open account into a registered account, we are here to help you achieve all your financial and legacy goals.

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