PURSUING SUCCESS beyond game day

As a professional athlete, you have the luxury of a large paycheck. But with a shorter career arc, the question is this: How long does it need to last you? As your center point of guidance, we can help you design a game plan for your financial future that can help you keep your focus where it belongs. Collaborating with your other professional advisors, we can help with endorsement deal review, franchisee review and in making a plan for when your playing days are over. Whether your next chapter includes starting a business, buying real estate or launching an entirely new career, we can help design a strategy for the bigger picture of life.

You can turn to us for essential matters such as budgeting and cash flow management, risk analysis and management, and even buying a second home or financially supporting a family member. Together we will map out a custom plan designed to pursue your important objectives.

Case study

Moving into the big leagues

After a stint in the minors, Andrew was ready for big league baseball. He had just been offered a multiyear deal, and was looking for someone to look out for his interests and help him make the most of his hefty payday. Working as a team with his other professional advisors, we would build a custom financial plan for Andrew that addresses his goals for his family, retirement and future. We would also help him evaluate any business opportunities or endorsement deals as part of his inner circle.

The hypothetical example above is for illustrative purposes and is not representative of any actual experience. Individual results will vary.