A strong connection made with intent

Through a series of meetings with you, we have discussions and gather information to ultimately help you reach your goals.

Our initial, 30-minute discussion is intended for both you and our team to determine if we’re a good fit to work together. This is intended to be a casual sit-down around a cup of coffee, to begin the mutual discernment process, together, in a relaxed way. No preparation is necessary, we just want to listen well – to hear your heart – and begin to determine if, and where, we may potentially add value.

The second time we meet, we spend an hour to an hour and a half asking specific questions to help us understand your financial situation, and also what and who is important to your life, and why. Uncovering your values and learning how you make decisions is an integral part of helping us develop a truly custom financial plan that aligns your values with your assets and goals. Review this checklist for specifics on what to bring to this meeting, which includes this worksheet.

After we’ve thoroughly reviewed everything discussed to date and researched appropriate investment options, we meet to provide you with a visual overview and actionable recommendations of how your plan connects to your goals. We’ll explore different scenarios and help answer key questions around goals such as your retirement, education funding and other wealth management issues with results that help you see how we can help you stay on track. Throughout the months and years of our relationship together we continue to monitor everything we’ve put in place, and keep in touch with regular discussions to adjust for changes in your life.

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.

Henry David Thoreau