Why we decided to go independent, and why we chose to affiliate with Raymond James

Over the past few years we grew increasingly disenchanted working at a large bank, leading us to explore alternatives. After a lot of time and research, we made the decision to partner with Raymond James and start our own independent practice, Bell Wealth Advisors.

During our search, one of the things we kept hearing about was the “culture” at Raymond James. When we visited their home office, we finally got a feel for what this meant. The people we met there are focused on serving us, as advisors so we can best serve you. It is a firm that exists to meet the needs of clients. Raymond James is a full-service independent broker dealer with all of the investment, insurance, estate, and charitable giving & trust services which our clients are accustomed to. You will have access to mutual funds, ETFs, individual stocks and bonds, online bill-pay, life insurance and annuities, Banking services, securities-based lending, mortgages*, and so much more.

Raymond James has won numerous awards, for everything from their technology and client reporting to their ETF portfolio offerings. In the past we were limited to one in-house financial planning platform. Now we have more open architecture with cutting edge financial planning software. We are able to create plans that are more user friendly, and allow us to plan for long- and short-term goals interactively with you. You will be able to access your plan and make basic changes on your own if you wish. With our new planning tools, we have the capability to do advanced interactive cash flow planning and model the effects of various types of trusts in your estate plan among many other things. While these may sound like esoteric differences to the average investor, they allow us to do our job better and solve for what matters most to you in planning for your future.

In this digital world your security matters. We want you to have the highest level of confidence in doing business with us. Raymond James' technological systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for signs of unauthorized activity. We are so impressed by Raymond James’ promise: "We will reimburse you for actual losses in any of your Raymond James accounts due to unauthorized access to a Raymond James system that occurs through no fault of your own." For more info visit: raymondjames.com/privacy_security

There was a time when we would not have considered working anywhere but at a major wirehouse because they provided all of the specialists and services we needed for our clients. In the last decade the financial service industry has changed dramatically with the creation of Goliath sized firms of enormous complexity, bureaucratic management structure, and a loss of the personal touch we feel is key to taking care of our clients’ ever more complicated financial needs.

Your financial well-being is our first priority so we set about the task of finding a firm that was neither too big nor too small, with a solid reputation for putting clients first. To do that meant contenders needed to respect our job as your advocate and provide us with a level of service and sophistication you deserve. We wanted top notch research, state of the art technology, a variety of interactive financial planning tools, a great client website, excellent client reporting and bill pay services. We needed a broad array of investment options with specialists to help us when necessary.

Our wish list was long and we explored a lot of choices before settling on the Independent Broker Dealer model. We believe it is the best fit for our clients and provides the autonomy we seek. The smaller firms had rich cultures of excellence but lacked the full spectrum of investments, lending, and banking products we wanted to continue to provide our clients. The larger firms had great resources and economies of scale but were lacking in the personal approach we wanted and seemed slow to keep up with advances in technology.

After extensive research, we found everything we were looking for at Raymond James on their independent platform. We are excited to be partnering with them and believe wholeheartedly that once you get to experience everything we will have to offer; you will be just as thrilled with the change as we are.

We look forward to continuing our work for you!


Robert and Keegan

*Banking and lending services offered through Raymond James Bank, N.A. Raymond James & Associates, Inc. and Raymond James Financial Services, Inc are affiliated with Raymond James Bank, N.A. a federally chartered national bank