Alex, Ed, and Jag discuss the three phases of retirement - from Go-Go to Slow-Go to No-Go.

We also explain "replacement ratios" and the dangers of using them to plan your retirement.


We open Episode 4 with an explanation of Replacement Ratios - the equations used to figure out how much money you'll need when you retire. Ed explains that while this may be a good starting point, relying solely on this strategy can be very dangerous.

Alex explains the three phrases of retirement - those early "Go-Go" years when people check items off their bucket list, the "Slow-Go" years where people start to slow down, and the "No-Go" years in which seniors aren't very active at all. Each of these phases has different financial liabilities and should be planned for.

Life expectancy is a major factor in retirement planning. Ed talks about the calculations that go into long term planning. There's a big financial difference between living to age 70 and to age 90!

Finally, Alex discusses market volatility and how to protect your retirement from the ups and downs of the market.


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