Blue Ocean Wealth Advisors of Raymond James - Process

An ideal financial plan is much like a piece of fine art – there's nothing quite like it. This is why we work to develop a plan that's unique to your temperament, situation and aspirations.

In order to customize a plan based on these individual needs, we employ a four-step approach. It's a systematic process used to maximize opportunities and minimize risk.

Step one: Understanding your vision

Before we make any specific recommendations on your behalf, we'll sit down together and discuss your short-term and long-term needs and wants. We'll ask you questions about how you want your assets to work for you and begin to discuss appropriate solutions.

Step two: Designing your unique plan

Once we understand your goals, risk concerns and investment priorities, we'll develop a custom financial plan that best fits your needs. Our goal is to determine the most efficient plan to meet your goals, be they single-minded or complex in nature. At this stage of the process, our goal is that you will understand the thinking and value behind every recommendation.

Step three: Putting the plan in motion

When you're in a comfortable place of seeing a custom plan developed to address your goals, we'll move into the implementation phase. At this stage of the process, we often collaborate with advisors you trust, such as your CPA or attorney, to ensure that your financial plan fits holistically into your individual situation.

Step four: Plan management and fine tuning

The best solution today may not be the best solution tomorrow. To ensure that your plan is working at an optimal level, we'll regularly meet and discuss your plan's performance. Should your needs or market conditions change, we'll adjust your plan to better suit your current objectives.