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  • Take I-275 (either Northbound or Southbound) or I-4 West to the Downtown East - West exit.
  • Follow signs to West Downtown/Ashley Street exit.
  • As the road forks at the bottom of the ramp between Ashley St. and Tampa St., bear left onto Tampa St.
  • Continue south on Tampa Street for 8 blocks crossing both Kennedy Blvd, and Jackson St.
  • After crossing Jackson Street, turn right into alleyway that serves TWO parking garages.
  • Turn LEFT into parking garage for 100 North Tampa.
  • Proceed up "corkscrew" ramp.
  • Turn left BEFORE ticket gates into alcove marked "Regions Customer Parking".
  • Park in a spot marked, "RESERVED, Raymond James, Suite 2400".
  • (If a spot is unavailable, proceed through ticket gate, and park in "visitor" spot on 7th floor).
  • Take garage elevator to lobby and locate elevator banks for floors 16-28.
  • Take elevator to 24th floor.
  • Come into Suite 2400.