Individual Investor Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans Professional Advisors


Our Value Proposition

  • Overall retirement plan servicing philosophy

    • We believe that your retirement plan should offer a variety of investment options with a full spectrum of objectives.

    • We believe that helping participants learn about retirement plan investing encompasses everything from enrolling in the plan all the way through to distribution planning.

    • We believe that the more smoothly your plan operates, the happier both you and your participants will be.

    • We believe that any and all fees associated with your retirement plan should be reasonable.

  • Plan sponsor support

    • We will help you evaluate the costs of multiple provider proposals.

    • We will show you how to create a diversified menu of investment options.

    • We can help you review your investments quarterly.

    • We will walk you through a "fiduciary checklist" and provide you with educational materials specifically designed for plan sponsors.

  • Commitment to participant education and ongoing service

    • We will provide customized enrollment books and personally conduct the enrollment meeting for your new retirement plan.

    • We will make sure your plan receives periodic retirement plan education, targeted to meet the needs of your employees.

    • We can conduct ongoing education sessions to help your employees plan for the distribution phase of their retirement saving.

For plan sponsors only. Please consult your tax and legal advisers regarding the consequences of establishing and maintaining an employer-sponsored retirement plan.