Individual Investor Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans Professional Advisors


As an individual investor, your financial and retirement objectives must be monitored on an ongoing basis. We will provide a disciplined, rational strategy designed to help you achieve your goals. Our impartial and to-the-point advice addresses all aspects of your financial life – everything from investment management to insurance to estate planning. Once we’ve helped you create and implement a personalized plan, we’ll work with you as events unfold to help make certain your plan remains on course.

While we recognize that financial markets are complex, and that the needs of our clients vary with their personal circumstances and goals, our investment philosophy is simple and straightforward. We believe that:

  • Individual investors are best served by long-term strategies that recognize the value of diversification, asset allocation and capital preservation;
  • Chasing fads or trying to time the market is often futile and counterproductive;
  • Specific investment decisions should only be made within the context of the individual client’s overall financial situation and tolerance for risk; and
  • Our constant role is to understand our clients’ objectives and requirements, to respond to them thoughtfully, and to be available for their questions and concerns.