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Our Services

The Keogh Financial Group provides individual investors a comprehensive set of individualized services that addresses all aspects of their financial lives. We take time to understand each client’s specific goals and requirements before developing strategies that help them with:

  • Retirement planning
    Providing for financial security in retirement is the single most important long-term financial goal of most investors, and one that is becoming even more critical as we live longer. The changing landscape of Social Security and company-sponsored pension plans makes careful retirement planning something no one can ignore.
  • Financial planning
    Effective financial planning helps clients with the three important phases of their financial lives – wealth accumulation, wealth conservation and wealth distribution. Financial planning is a continuous process that creates a specific yet flexible strategy for achieving the client’s goals and evolves with them as events unfold.
  • College planning
    Tuition rates are rising even faster than other prices, making education expenses something that wise parents will plan for many years ahead of time. There are a number of tax-advantaged ways to save for your children’s college education, including alternatives that can provide tax benefits to you and other members of your family.
  • Insurance and annuities
    Life is full of unexpected events. Planning for them often involves insurance and annuities, which are financial products that can make an enormous difference when the time comes. This is a complicated area where professional advice is critical.
  • Estate planning
    Proper estate planning can mean the difference between having the assets you worked so hard to accumulate being used according to your wishes – or severely depleted by taxes. Done correctly, estate planning can provide comfort for you and your beneficiaries, as well as potential tax benefits.
  • Asset allocation/management
    Many studies have shown asset allocation to be the single most important factor in overall investment performance. Designing the right mix of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other categories of investments can help preserve your capital, increase liquidity and lower your overall risk.
  • * Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.