Prudently managing family wealth with care

Guiding generations of clients, we apply discretion and a consultative approach to managing the complexities that accompany wealth. From private wealth management to customized estate planning and wealth preservation, our team thoughtfully serves the needs of families.

Through comprehensive financial planning, and with leading-edge resources, our goal is to manage, grow and preserve your wealth for generations.

Effective family education

Through clear communication and planning, we can share your vision and strategies with generations of your family. Financial education and open communication can facilitate collaborative decisions on matters important to your family for the future.

Enhancing your philanthropy

In addition to supporting the organizations and causes you love, the right charitable giving strategy can help further your overall wealth management plan. We have many levels of control available, such as considering immediate and future tax deductions, or a continuous income stream. Our team can help structure your charitable gifts to achieve the greatest impact consistent with your financial goals.

Managing risk

We plan for the “what ifs” in life, working with you to discuss where your risk lies. We then develop scenarios to manage for the unexpected. Through regular portfolio, insurance and estate plan reviews, we establish a plan to keep your objectives on track – even when the unexpected happens.

Building your legacy

It takes diligence and planning to ensure your loved ones have what they need to prosper for generations. We have the resources to customize an estate plan that speaks to what is most important to you, collaborating to design a tax-efficient wealth transfer process. The proper guidance can also assist heirs, and provide education to emphasize your family values and goals. Our team has the knowledge needed to introduce the next generation to the benefits of financial planning and establish the structure for making family decisions.

Quality trust services

The benefits of professional management are many, including impartiality in making investment decisions and in dealing with beneficiaries. Our customized trust services provide the confidence that comes from knowing your estate is protected from estate taxes and sustained for the next generation.

Smooth transfer of wealth

We help transfer established wealth across generations. Through evaluation and analysis, our team helps proactively transition control as your family evolves. In collaboration with your other trusted advisors, we create a wealth transition structure that considers taxes, issues of control, and streams of income to support your family and charitable legacy planning.

Raymond James Financial Advisors do not render advise on legal or tax matters. Please consult a qualified professional regarding any legal or tax matters.