Wealth management integrated into

the fabric of your life

We will use a five-step process in order to build your comprehensive wealth management plan. Within these five steps, we’ll painstakingly cover all the details, including evaluating your full range of financial needs, making recommendations for moving forward, and managing and modifying your plan as your life changes and your needs and priorities change over time.

Discovery meeting

Diagnose current situation and begin developing plan and investment recommendations

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Our first meeting will go beyond specific asset management or estate planning requirements because our overriding goal is to make a strong, positive impact. We will dig deep to learn about your most important values, relationships and lifelong goals. In-depth understanding helps us deliver a better solution and results.

Investment plan meeting

Present formalized wealth management plan, Investment Policy Statement, and details on our approach

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We will present your personalized investment plan that will address your goals, concerns and unique tolerance for risk. It will provide you with a detailed plan with which to pursue your objectives and benchmarks for tracking your progress. Your Investment Policy Statement will serve as a guide in building your portfolio.

Mutual commitment meeting

Establish our relationship and confirm our commitment to your plan

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In order to verify we have a clear common vision, we will not only formally establish our relationship, but we will also answer your questions and clarify any points to ensure that we’re all committed to the same direction. We will go over paperwork and execute the agreements needed to establish our working relationship.

45-day follow-up meeting

Review and organize account paperwork

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In our first follow-up meeting, we’ll answer any questions that may have arisen and address details such as ensuring online account access and banking services are established, paper or paperless statements are being received, and any other administrative matters as necessary.

Regular progress meeting

Evaluate implementation and progress of your wealth management plan

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We will discusses the measurable progress toward each of your specific goals and introduce our wealth management plan. This plan identifies financial matters beyond investment management and helps us determine the best strategy for addressing them. We may also work with your other professional advisors such as your lawyer and CPA.