There are many working parts to a well-run retirement plan.

Our team of experienced retirement plan specialists can help you with all aspects of establishing and managing the plan that’s right for your company.


Needs assessment

The Campbell Courtright Group can help you identify and evaluate your company’s needs, so you can select the appropriate plan features and services.

  • Consider your company culture and history
  • Review your retirement plan objectives
  • Analyze the demographics and investment behavior of your employees

Provider search

The Campbell Courtright Group can work with you to find the provider that best fits your needs, by considering factors such as record keeping, communications, investment flexibility, compliance, fees and services.

  • Request and evaluate provider proposals
  • Invite finalists to make presentations


Investment Policy Statement

An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) clearly defines plan goals and provides the plan sponsor and investment committee with guidelines for making investment decisions. Specific information on matters such as asset allocation, risk tolerance, and liquidity requirements would be included in an IPS. The Campbell Courtright Group can help you create this document.

  • Provide a sample Investment Policy Statement
  • Help identify your plan objectives
  • Assist in selecting the asset classes in your plan
  • Identify investment parameters to help gauge success
  • Implement a process to periodically review investments against stated goals

Investment selection

The Campbell Courtright Group can help you select a range of investment options that are consistent with your plan’s Investment Policy Statement.

  • Offer education on diversification, risk, asset allocation and historical rates of return
  • Identify investment opportunities within each asset class from the provider’s fund universe consistent with your plan’s objectives
  • Help ensure that the funds meet ERISA Section 404(c) requirements


Investment monitoring

It is imperative to monitor the performance of your plan’s investments against the goals outlined in your Investment Policy Statement. We can provide the tools and guidance to help you maintain an appropriate range of investments.

  • Review reports periodically to help you monitor investment performance
  • Conduct searches to replace investments no longer consistent with your plan’s goals
  • Provide education and research to enhance prudent investment decision-making

Issue resolution

Inevitably, there are issues that can arise in connection with the day-to-day activity of your plan. The Campbell Courtright Group can help you address and resolve them.

  • Coordinate with your plan provider to address your concerns
  • Consider actions to correct any deficiencies in service
  • Provide guidance on an ongoing basis

Fiduciary audit file

Creating and maintaining a fiduciary audit file is one of the best ways to document ERISA compliance should accusations of a fiduciary breach ever arise. The Campbell Courtright Group can help you establish such a file.

  • Organize plan records
  • Demonstrate the establishment of policies and procedures
  • Document adherence to policies and procedures
  • Help identify areas requiring further attention

Please keep in mind that diversification and asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.