Culture & Diversity

Inclusion starts with “I” and leads to “us”

May 3, 2018

Mary-Frances Winters, founder of The Winters Group, Inc., visited our St. Petersburg office and explored eight steps that we can take daily to continue to foster inclusion in the workplace and our communities. 

Regardless of one’s race, gender or position, we can all benefit from creating a roadmap that paves the way for our diversity journey. “Inclusivity is important in the workplace because it affects productivity and it impacts engagement,” she said. “If I don’t know where my co-worker is coming from or might be thinking about me, and I can’t really talk about it or engage in a conversation, that makes me anxious.”

According to Winters, when we learn to see the world from the perspective of others, we recognize when our own biases are getting in the way. “You must listen to yourself and realize your own cultural biases that you might have. Listen to others to understand why they are coming from where they’re coming from. Assume positive intent and assume that the other person doesn’t mean you harm.”

See what Michelle Lynch, vice president of the Network for Women Advisors, learned from the workshop.

Eight steps to inclusion