Overcoming your asset management challenges

Carillon Group of Raymond James - Institutions

Much like the individual private clients we serve, your organization has unique needs and goals. Through a team effort, we deliver personalized guidance – tailored to your institution – through a relationship built on trust, shared values and personal service.

Today, managing cash and other short-term investments is a daunting challenge. Sources of revenue are elusive and budgets are tight. Interest rates are unpredictable and mistakes are not tolerated. We understand you have to do more with less. But you don't have to do it alone. We can help.

By focusing on your specific asset management needs, we can help you design, implement and manage a plan to help you maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your cash reserves. Through the vast resources of Raymond James, we're able to help optimize your portfolio for safety and liquidity while maximizing income potential and managing interest rate risk.

Cash Management

Eliminating unnecessary costs is crucial in today's low interest rate environment. Our practice focuses on all costs associated with identifying and positioning short-term, fixed-income instruments. We work closely with our clients to help reduce or eliminate all unnecessary costs. These can include custodial fees, advisory and consulting fees, and financial reporting and analysis fees.

Upon completion of our cost analysis and implementation of our suggestions, many times, our clients see a reduction in overall investment costs. This savings in itself is a significant driver of our clients' portfolios outperforming their peers and relevant benchmarks.

A sound investment strategy

Developing a sound investment strategy is a crucial component of cash management. We use a disciplined four-step process to create a strategy that's tailored to your needs.

  • Input - We gain a comprehensive understanding of you, your organization and specific requirements.
  • Analysis - We analyze fund structures, budgets, capital financing and liquidity needs.
  • Implementation - We assist you in developing, refining and prioritizing objectives in the form of a written plan or investment policy. We facilitate the investment structure of your cash reserves based on fundamental principles related to portfolio construction, liquidity needs, time horizons and other unique circumstances.
  • Ongoing Review - We help monitor your portfolio and advise you regarding overall financial management with respect to policy, benchmarks and changing market conditions.

Depending on how your organization chooses to establish a relationship, we offer both investment advisory and traditional brokerage services.

Custody Of Assets and Reporting

One of the most valuable resources we can provide is in-depth, analytical knowledge regarding the management of your assets. We use a comprehensive suite of diagnostic, forecasting and performance measurement tools to help ensure your portfolio is positioned properly no matter the market conditions. In addition to our all-inclusive monthly statement and quarterly performance report, there are three primary reporting tools that we use on an ongoing basis:

  • Fixed Income Analysis – This provides a complete overview of the portfolio. It features weighted average portfolio statistics and graphs including maturity, duration, yield, FDIC exposure, diversification and security features. In addition to these statistics this report offers a detailed description of upcoming cash flows and a listing of all securities with their respective statistics. Click here to view a sample report »
  • Fixed Income Shock Analysis – This is used to evaluate interest rate risk by displaying statistics based on customized interest rate shifts. Click here to view a sample report »
  • Executive Summary – You can select either dollar- or time-weighted internal rate of return performance statistics and compare them to nationally recognized benchmarks. Appropriate benchmarks for most public entities are the Barclays 1-3 yr. government index, Barclays 1-5 yr. government index, and the 30-day T-bill index. It has been our experience to see increased returns compared to relevant benchmarks over full market cycles.


eFolio is the first truly interactive proprietary online portfolio management system for institutions. It enables you to interact with your portfolio online, run what-if scenarios, shock your portfolio using interest rate assumptions and more. You can access eFolio at any time from any computer – giving you constant access to your portfolio and Raymond James' inventory and research. With eFolio, you can:

  • View inventories
  • View cash flow
  • Shock portfolios
  • Simulate trades
  • Run what-if scenarios
  • Create customized reports

Retirement Plan Solutions

Through our strategic partners we offer and facilitate consulting services for defined contribution and defined benefit retirement plans for your entity. Our clients turn to us for trusted advice for practical solutions to complex issue. We offer support for defined benefit retirement plans as well as defined contribution plans including:

  • 401(k) Plans
  • 403(b) Plans
  • 457 Plans
  • Money Purchase Plans
  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • SEP Plans
  • SIMPLE IRA Plans

Please contact us for further information.

Institutional Consulting

The Carillon Group draws on the broad array of comprehensive resources provided by Raymond James to some of the world's leading companies, financial institutions and foundations. Our commitment and dedication are made evident by:

  • Disciplined approach to investment management
  • Independent due diligence process and research
  • Ongoing monitoring and attribution analysis
  • Access to world-class managers
  • Ability to deliver customized performance reporting
  • Dedicated, full-time team of professionals

Please contact us for further information.

Financial Institutions Wealth
Management Partnership Program

The Carillon Group of Raymond James offers community banks and credit unions an exciting partnership opportunity, broadening their service offerings by providing wealth management services to their customers. This program not only helps gather additional client assets, but it also provides incremental revenue for the institution at a time when both net interest margins and loan demand are shrinking.

Advantages to the Institution:

  • Broader Product and Service Offerings
  • No Infrastructure or Set-Up Cost
  • New Source of Revenue
  • Helps Keep Deposits from Competing Banks
  • Comprehensive Planning Helps Identify Lending Opportunities
  • Can Attract Outside Customer Assets
  • On-going Commissions and Asset Management Fees
  • 401(k) Advice

Raymond James provides all marketing support starting with a thorough education for all of the institution’s executive staff, board members and customer service representatives of our financial planning process. Additional marketing in the form of lobby advertisements and brochures, statement stuffers, emails and special educational events are also available. Incentive compensation is also available for customer service staff.