Welcome to Raymond James, Canfield

For more than twenty years Mahoning Valley Residents have depended on my advice and counsel. During this time investors have experienced the best and worst of market conditions, each with its own unique problems... and opportunities. Guiding clients through the market changes requires independent thought, dependable resources and the tools to implement and manage investment solutions.


I received my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration in 1977 from New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire. In addition to this degree I completed industry sponsored programs including the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin and the national School of Commercial Lending at the University of Oklahoma.


My career in financial services began in 1977 with a position in the finance department of a national property and casualty insurance company. In 1982 I returned to the Mahoning Valley, working in the commercial banking industry. My career in the securities industry began in 1989 with acceptance by a national securities firm into their training program. My affiliation with Raymond James began in April of 2009.

As an independent affiliate of Raymond James I am free to exercise independent thought while relying on one of the best full service brokerage firms in the country. Market intelligence and operational support are mission critical functions for any financial advisor, and I am proud of my affiliation with Raymond James. I encourage you take a moment to learn more about this exceptional firm by clicking here.

Core Beliefs

Every client's needs are different. The seasoned investor has different needs than the young family just starting out. Regardless of the investors experience level there are some universal beliefs.

They are as follows:

An engaged and knowledgeable client makes better decisions.

Many disciplines work well over time. Using different disciplines does not.

Life and investment markets change, a portfolio must be managed to its goals.

There are bad times to buy good companies and good times to buy bad companies.

Risk and return cannot be separated.

To learn more about these core beliefs, and how we might help your financial future, contact me here.


You are invited to explore Investment Income Management that provides the investor:

The resources
-to determine reasonable objectives for periods before and after retirement.

A method
-for selecting investments, investment style and investment selection unique to each client's preferences, goals and unique lifestyle requirements.

A process
-that allows for ongoing evaluation of objectives and investments in light of life events and changing market conditions

Consistent reviews
-to determine if today's portfolio is meeting the client's defined needs.

If you would like to review the Investment Income Management Process in greater detail you can request my brochure by calling Ms. Judi Bryant at 330-702-1492 or 1-888-702-1492 or sending an email to judith.bryant@raymondjames.com. Please include IIM in the subject line along with your full name, address, city, state and zip code. Our office will not contact you via telephone unless requested by you or to comply with industry regulations.