What To Expect In A Relationship With Our Team

One aspect of developing trust with a financial advisor is transparency. We believe clients should know what the process is in the early stages of the relationship, as well as the ongoing resources available to them as our relationship deepens over time.

Initial Discovery Meeting

  • Family History
  • Life’s Achievements & Transitions
  • Values & Motivations
  • Interest & Unique Qualities
  • Investor Behavior, Money Psychology
  • Preferred Communication Style
  • S.M.A.R.T Goals
  • Current Financial Status
  • Current Financial Plan, Investment Philosophy & Stategy

Mutual Commitment To The Plan

  • Financial Plan Review
  • Investment Policy Statement Review
  • Asset Allocation and Strategy Review
  • Role Clarity & Expectations Discussion
  • Mutual Commitment To Proceed
  • Account Set-Up Paperwork
  • In-Kind Transfer To Fund Accounts

Ongoing Relationship

  • Customized Communication Plan
  • Implement Initial Strategy
  • Monitor & Adjust As Life Events Develop
  • Monitor & Adjust As Economic, Political & Market Events Develop
  • Coordination With Trusted Advisors & Family Members
  • Ongoing Monitoring & Progression Towards Living Well Goals
  • Connections To Resources

Planning & Management

  • "Quality of Life" Plan
  • "Likelihood of Success" Analysis
  • Stress Test & "What If" Analysis
  • Unexpected Event Planning
  • Goal Prioritization
  • Investment Overview
  • Solution Pairing