Clients expect us to provide them with solutions to their goals based on known facts about the market environment and each investment we recommend.

Comprehensive financial planning contributes to the rationale behind portfolio construction however it is not the final remedy. Our team’s philosophy is to be research focused, tactical and deliberate in our recommendations, and we strive to construct portfolios that accomplish three primary objectives:

  • Stability and growth of principal over time
  • Predictable and growing cash flow
  • Tax minimization

We believe in the merits of both active and passive management as well as diversification to achieve these goals; however we do not manage assets according to a “pie chart.” We will only invest in an asset class if the current cash flow and anticipated growth outweighs the known risks surrounding that asset class.

Our unique perspective allows us to combine our individual skills to evaluate, design, implement and oversee strategies focused on the following areas:

Wealth Planning

  • Detailed and goal driven wealth projections
  • Pre and post retirement cash flow planning
  • Social Security optimization
  • Cost effective and tax efficient investment planning
  • Liability management and securities-based lending
  • Tax efficient wealth transfer to the next generation

Investment Management

  • Master Limited Partnerships
  • Individual Stocks
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Options
  • Mutual Funds
  • Separately managed accounts