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You know what it means to enjoy first-class service. Have you ever thought about what that looks like in regard to your financial life? To us, it means knowing you have a team that has your back for anything related to your financial affairs. It means thinking of us as your one point of contact. It means when you have questions, we find the answers.

We put all of our attention on your needs and goals, taking responsibility for each decision we make and collaborating with the other professionals you trust for a seamless, all-inclusive financial services experience. One where we put your financial future first, so you can continue to look forward to all your life will bring in the months and years to come.

We serve our clients with a consultative, team-based approach that examines all aspects of their financial lives, and provides options for your portfolio and touch points along the way.

  • 12 monthly service calls to update you on financial markets and the economy
  • Four in-person quarterly meetings where we review your portfolio and make sure you are on track to achieve your long-term goals
  • Annual review of your long-term financial plan to see if any life changes have occurred and how they might impact your goals
  • Ongoing coordination with your other trusted advisors to ensure all aspects of your life are running smoothly
  • Capital Access: Provides the ability to manage your day-to-day cash and spending needs in a single account along with your investments.
  • Traditional brokerage account: Raymond James offers award-winning comprehensive statements, performance reporting and more features to simplify your investment program.
  • Individual retirement accounts: A wide selection of investment options and one of the few ways to invest in a tax-advantaged* environment through an advisory or managed account.
  • Advisory account: A custom-built and monitored investment portfolio without traditional commissions, but a fee based on the value of account assets.
  • Managed accounts: Professional asset management, for an ongoing fee, that provides enhanced quarterly performance reports at your request.

*Withdrawals may be subject to income taxes, and prior to age 59 1/2 a 10% federal penalty tax may apply.

“If you don’t take care of your financial foundation, you’re more likely to face avoidable challenges down the road.”

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